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Friday, September 29, 2023

Historicon Postponed

From the email:

The current environment makes it impossible to run a successful show in July, and further, it could hurt our finances, reputation and future shows as well. Other options, such as a much smaller show, were considered and also deemed not feasible for the cost and effort involved.

The Board wants HMGS’ first post-COVID to be something special. Therefore, instead of cancelling Historicon 2021 outright, we are moving it to early November and holding it at Valley Forge in place of Fall-In! We will be adding an extra day to make it the same 4 day convention as would have been held in July. Since Historicon is considered our flagship convention, and we are only holding one convention in 2021 instead of three, we felt it should be Historicon. (emphasis editor)

We are also well aware of questions regarding membership renewals and possible extensions or credits. For those who already renewed their membership in such a trying year, your support is greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten. All the options discussed so far require us to have some certainty on when our conventions will be restarted. With November looking highly likely to be our first post-COVID convention, details regarding these issues will be addressed very shortly.

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