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Happy Easter from Alternative Armies

Wandering Band, Orc Family Outing and a terrifying Chick!FL27 Wandering Band 28mm characters released!“The Wandering Band has taken part in many adventures and its members often change due to death and fortune.  Current leader former Guard Captain Sven rallies to him the Knight Cervantis as well as Galadron of the Fae, Vilta of the Forest and Karl Grimwald the Dwarf.  They defeated a terrifying Djinn and then a Dragon and now are looking for pay and lodgings anew.  If your village has a Troll problem or your fields are being ravaged by Goblins then these warriors can be hired for a price.”This code contains five different 28mm metal miniatures approx 28mm average height. Great for any game system.  You can choose from the pack or single poses within the pack in any quantity.  See them HERE.FL27-01: Human Brigandine Warrior with Sword and Blunderbuss.FL27-02: Human Questing Knight in plate with Lance.FL27-03: Faerie Warrior with Spear and Dragon Scale shield.FL27-04: Elf Hunter with Bow and Quiver.FL27-05: Dwarf Warrior with Two Handed Sword and shield.The Wandering Band take on the mighty Djinn!  See this great model which comes with a choice of weapons HERE.We have a huge array of fantasy miniatures for you to browse and all are packs and singles within that for maximum choice.  They are in several ranges grouped by type such as Undead or Monsters.  There is also the Ganesha Games range and the classic Fantasy Warlord range too.  Go to our HOMEPAGE and as per the image above seek the ’28mm Fantasy’ tab to drop them all down.–

MPS8 Orc Family Outing classic set releasedSo you get the go ahead from the tribe elder and you pick your way through the burned out monuments and the scattered covered corpses reaching the park in a short leisurely stroll.  The baby gurgles over his first tusk in the pram while his mother looks on with pride and dad growls as he watches the wean with his ice cream stolen from a puny Human.  It is an outing..an Orc Family Outing!  Go HERE.Alternative Armies is continuing to return the 1980’s classics by Tabletop Games and Asgard to the website in new molds and with new pictures.  With the Torture Chamber range completed (including several models never seen at the time) and the Warbirds back in the world it is time to progress with the Collectors Sets.  We aim to bring one back each month which will be a set or parts from it.  All great fun.MPS8 Orc Family OutingNot everything a wargamer wants has to do with putting troops onto the field. Sometimes something a little different, a bit special makes an appeal to a wargamers nature and says ‘now that is fun!’. Excellent characters or a superb diorama or just for fun. This is what you get in the complete set:  Pram, Orc Sitting Baby, Orc Mother arms raised to push pram, Orc Father holding hand of Orc Child.We began our return of the collector sets with the Orc Rock Band which is on the website.  We called ours ‘Spinal Crack’ but you can call yours anything you want.  Choose from any of the parts or get the whole band with the stage too.–

Happy Easter and a scary Chick!

From all of us at Alternative Armies our best wishes on this Easter Weekend and we hope good times were had with family in these troubled times for the world.  See this monster bird in the Grinning Skull Range code GRN48.

Patrol Angis

Get into Patrol Angis!  The Game Pack has the rule book plus two platoons of 15mm Retained Knights, Battlesuits, gun platform. Ideal starting place. It has a saving baked into it and there are lots of free resources too.  Save extra 20% automatically at checkout during April on all orders. 

I thank you.  Gavin Syme (GBS) (Author of Patrol Angis)

March to War 2021 Event is on!Our mega event March to War 2021 is on at Alternative Armies.  Until 10am GMT 4th May automatically 20% off all orders at checkout, 24 new releases, free and cheaper shipping rates and more.  Read about this in full on our BLOG or visit NEW RELEASES.

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