Casemate Publishing New Titles

Here are this week’s new releases. 
Casemate’smuch anticipated On to Stalingrad is an English translation a firsthand account of Operation Thunderstorm from the German Perspective.

From Key Publishing, Mustang provides a fresh look at one of World War II’s most popular aircraft. 

Luftwaffe Victory Markings 1939-45 is a new entry in the Casemate Illustrated Special series. It provides a comprehensive overview of various German fighter markings during the Second World War. 

On to Stalingrad

Operation Winter Thunderstorm and the attempt to relieve Sixth Army, December 1942

Horst Scheibert
In late November 1942, Soviet forces surrounded General Friedrich Paulus’ Sixth Army in a pocket at the Russian city of Stalingrad. In response the Germans planned a relief operation, Operation Winter Thunderstorm, intended to break through the Soviet forces and open the pocket, releasing the encircled units. The 6th Panzer Division was the spearhead of the German relief force. The attack started on 12 December 1942 and was aborted on 23 December after heavy Soviet counterattacks.

This account of the operation was first published in German in 1956, written by the well-respected military historian and retired German officer, Horst Scheibert who was a tank commander in 6th Panzer Division during the attempt. Utilizing many excerpts from war diaries, and telegrams sent during operations, this book includes 16 maps from the original edition and is the first English translation of this important German account.[More Info]
9781612008066, $45.00, Casemate

The Untold Story
Matthew Willis
The North American Mustang is one of the most well-studied aircraft. However, much of what is commonly understood about it, particularly its early, Allison-powered variants, is not entirely correct. This book examines the history of the aircraft afresh, within the orbit of tactical doctrine, strategy and even politics, as well as the changing nature of World War II. The Allison Mustang proved to be no worse than the best aircraft of the war in the roles where it found its niche and, through this new study, it is hoped that the significance of this vital aircraft can finally be appreciated.

[More Info]
9781913295882, $34.95, Key Publishing
Luftwaffe Victory Markings 1939–45
Philippe Saintes
This book provides an overview of the victory markings painted on the fins and rudders of the planes of the German day fighter and night fighter aircraft between 1939 and 1945, and demonstrates how these were applied in reality through the profiles of nineteen pilots. Individuals featured include Hans Troitzsch, Johannes Gentzen, Frank Liesendahl, Wilhelm Balthasar, Otto Bertram, Joachim Müncheberg, Karl-Heinz Koch and more. Includes over 150 illustrations and photographs.

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9781636240909, $39.95, Casemate