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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Caliver Books Update

A Little Bit of Everything This Week!

H29686 – Frostgrave: Blood Legacy. This supplement for Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City presents greatly expanded information about the vampires and the giants that occupy the frozen ruins, including rules for vampiric magic and a breakdown of the different tribes of giants. £15.00 GBP

H29684 – Bavarian Infantry – Victrix – VX0021 / Victrix. £27.00 GBP

H29681 – Air Pirates: CY6 Jet Age scenario book Vietnam 1965-1968 – 36 scenarios covering North Vietnamese vs U.S. air war over Vietnam 1965-1968. Compatible with the Check Your 6! Jet Age rules. 1 Volume, 64 pages. £25.00 GBP

H29682 – 1809 Campaign Omnibus: Crisis on the Danube and Napoleon Conquers Austria / Arnold, James. For the first time together in one volume, Arnold’s two books devoted to Napoleon’s 1809 campaign, Crisis on the Danube and Napoleon Conquers Austria. 576 pages. £29.95 GBP

H29685 – BB235 – Destroyed Brick Factory – Flames of War 15mm scenery – just found a case of these lurking in the warehouse. Post-free worldwide. £35.00 GBP

H29687 – Papers relating to the army of the Solemn League and Covenant, 1643-1647 / Terry. Original 2 Volume, 1917 edition. Excellent condition hardback for its age, one only. £95.00 GBP

H29688 – M36 and M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon – UBX89 – Flames of War / Battlefront Miniatures. £23.95 GBP

H29689 – M26 Pershing Tank Platoon – UBX90 – Flames of War / Battlefront Miniatures. £17.95 GBP

H29690 – M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer Platoon – UBX93 – Flames of War / Battlefront Miniatures. £23.95 GBP

H29691 – M24 Chaffee – UBX94 – Flames of War / Battlefront Miniatures. £29.95 GBP

H29692 – Colorful Skies 3) WWI amendments and scenarios for the Check Your 6 rules – 62 scenarios plus extra planes, balloon-busting, etc. £29.50 GBP

H29693 – Mining & Demolitions – General Staff Mint. Paperback reprint of a 1915 War Office Publication. 210pp. This field manual deals with tunneling, mining, counter-mining and all aspects of the techniques that were used to create the 19 mines under the German lines on the Messines Ridge. With a range of diagrams, the pamphlet shows how the tunneling was done – which is a fascinating story. £20.00 GBP

H29694 – Cuzco 1536-37 Battle for the Heart of the Inca Empire – Osprey Campaign 372, shipping now. £14.95 GBP

H29695 – B-25 Mitchell vs Japanese Destroyer: Battle of the Bismarck Sea 1943 – Osprey Duel 116, shipping now. £12.99 GBP


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