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Bulge Germans on Pre-order at Battlefront for Flames of War

Bulge: German Forces on the Western Front, 1944-45 Pre-orders
Inside You Will Find:

  • Background on German Army and Waffen-SS forces on the Western Front from September 1944 to February 1945.
  • Instructions on how to build a Panther (late) Brigade Tank Company, Panzer IV Brigade Tank Company, Brigade Armoured Assault Company, Brigade Armoured Panzergrenadier Company, Brigade Panzergrenadier Company, Tiger II SS Tank Company, Panther (late) SS Tank Company, Armoured SS Panzergrenadier Company, Tiger II Tank Company, Panther (late) Tank Company, Armoured Panzergrenadier Company, Volksgrenadier Company, Jagdpanther Tank-hunter Company, and Jagdtiger Tank-hunter Company.
  • A Painting and Basing guide.
  • Peiper’s Charge Scenario.

Pre-Order Here!

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