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Monday, September 25, 2023

Blackwater Gulch: The Vigilance Committee Up On Kickstarter

Blackwater Gulch is a western-horror skirmish game of noble lawmen, crooked outlaws, savage beasts, unholy demons and ravenous dead. In this new Kickstarter campaign, our goal is to fund the production of our all new Vigilance Committee miniatures in hard plastic. The Vigilance Committee was the very first gang we ever created, way back in our first campaign. Now for our 10th Anniversary, we have re-sculpted them from scratch and we’re bringing them to you!

Blackwater Gulch is easy, fast and fun, and a wide variety of miniatures are available to flesh out your gang or posse. If you would like to look over the rules first, feel free to download them here!

The new Vigilance Committee Gang Set is lead by Sheriff Dawson, and also includes Gramps Fillickson, Dr. Trent Dougall, Carl & Jeb Williams, and 3 all new Rangers armed with Repeating Rifles. Here is a quick video that shows off the level of detail in our new sculpts. Check em out!

Kickstarter Link!

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