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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Baccus 6mm Update

I will be restarting the weekly order updates for those of you waiting.   Today, we have shipped order number 15620.  Because of the arcane and mystical processes utilized by our ‘dispatch department’ (a wise and cautious man meddles not in the affairs of Packers) there will be a few orders in advance of this number that have been sent, and a few below it that have not.   Those in the latter section will be on their way next week.

We are currently packing and shipping 50-60 orders per week, but expect this rate to increase as our team gradually gets their vaccinations and we can get more bodies doing more work.

One thing that is causing issues with some Paypal payments is that the order does no seem to complete, even though funds are debited from the customer’s account.   We are working on this issue, but just to reassure anyone who finds this happening to them, if you have paid, then the order will be placed with us.   Your account will show ‘unpaid’ against the order until we can correct this manually, which can take a couple of days.

To finish off with a pretty picture, here are yet more preview shots of some soon to be released WW2 vehicles.

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