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Alternative Armies January Update

“January is the coldest month here in Scotland and our celtic hearts give out to you Alternia the Highlander!”
Thank you all most kindly for your custom over the festive period.  We hope you all have had a great time.  We estimate it will take us about a week from today to get all of the orders into the mail system.

January is here!  The company is running and shipping again! Welcome to the new year of 2022. The first of a dozen (one each month all year) Alternia miniatures is free in every package shipped out from Scotland to every customer. You need do nothing but place an order which requires to be shipping anywhere in the world (no Digital Download orders only sorry!) of any size and we will automatically include ALT001 Alternia the Highlander.  As many orders as you want and ends 1st February 2021.  You can also order this code in any amount and you will still get the free one. 

As you can see it is a very interesting miniature and would be a great addition to your collection. Read more about Alternia on the website.

Alternative Armies News for January 2022

Following on from the festive break and with us now open once more and shipping globally from today lets have a wee peek at what is coming your way this month.  News on all of this will appear as it happens and there are links here to the pages of the site where the new codes and other items will be. The Erin Celtic Myth range will see a new miniature as the Fir Bolg expand (following up on Streng the Hero) the first female Fir Bolg!  The classic Asgard Fantasy range now has its own page on the site and will have the first returned monster FM13 Owlbear and also a return of the MFM17 Flying Reptile with Wraith Rider in the classic Tabletop 15mm Fantasy range as we kick off getting much more of this great range returned into the world.  For Flintloque and Slaughterloo the Legion de Nain continues its entire army expansion with an artillery crew of six Dwarves and choice of either limber Pummilig Pigs or Limber Boars as with the Legion Cavalry; players who use 5027 Grapeshotte rules will be happy!  Lastly four titles which went out of print during November will return; Patrol AngisLaserburnBier & Bones and beginner booklet Escape from the Dark Czar

As always if you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion or ask if we can restore or release something you are looking for then contact us on sales@alternative-armies.com and we will do our best to assist you. 

Lastly I am delighted to not only invite you to the updated Deals and Offers page where the remolded 15mm Cultists are in a value skirmish pack but also to show you a picture by Kev who goes by @Verbal_Gerbil on Twitter of his painted Sun Warriors (CM14 four poses) from the Erin range to be used in Of Gods and Mortals.

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