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Warhammer: The Old World – Orcs, Bretonnians, Tomb Kings Arrive

Welcome back, denizens of the Old World, to another of our semi-regular updates on our ongoing work on Warhammer: The Old World. Here’s Andy Hoare from the Warhammer Studio with more on the most exciting thing to hit the setting since, well, chunks of Morrslieb made planetfall.

Andy: It’s been quite a while since our last update, but that’s how you know we’ve been extra busy! Our miniatures designers, painters, writers, illustrators, and graphic designers have all been engaged in a period of industrious activity getting new miniatures designed and the main rulebook written, playtested, lavishly illustrated, and laid out. This truly is a gargantuan project with lots to show off, but for now we want to give a glimpse of some of the amazing artwork the Warhammer: The Old World  team’s illustrators have been producing… 

New Art

The world of Warhammer has always been blessed with the most lavish of artwork, but that’s no excuse not to create more! The studio illustrators have been hard at work rendering classic and new miniatures into full-colour artwork. A key part of this process has been to identify exactly the correct look and feel for these new pieces, capturing just the right level of gritty, myth-inspired classic fantasy that much of this beloved setting encapsulates.*

OWArt Oct13 Art

This Peasant Archer of the Kingdom of Bretonnia wears the heraldry of his liege lord Gastille – the Red Hand of Brionne. Peasant Archers and Men-at-Arms wear mostly drab colours on their somewhat ratty clothes, with hints of the main colours of their lord’s heraldry.

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