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Regiments of Renown Let Your Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Army Hire Mercenaries With Powerful Abilities

There are countless battalions and heroes waging war throughout the Mortal Realms – some fight for the glory of their patron gods, some to champion a grand ideal, others to protect their home. And some… well, they’re just in it for a payday.

These roving brigands offer their services to whoever can guarantee them fame and fortune, seeking to build a reputation that echoes down the ages. The most (in)famous are known as Regiments of Renown – powerful mercenaries with skills that make them well worth the fees they charge their fairweather allies.


Boxed releases and rules for six Regiments of Renown are coming to Warhammer Age of Sigmar, providing new ways to expand your armies. They are ready for matched play, with Pitched Battle profiles, rules for including them in each of the Grand Alliances, and unique new abilities.


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