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Monday, September 25, 2023

Old World Development Diary – Revealing the Weapons of War

In today’s article we’re visiting the armouries of the Old World and giving you a first look at some of the weapons and wargear that can be found in the brand new plastic kits coming for the Kingdom of Bretonnia and the Tomb Kings of Khemri. En garde!

Fresh from the forges of fair Bretonnia come new helmets, weapons and shields. Bretonnian knights commonly adorn their helmets with creatures that appear on their family heraldry, or those they believe they share a personality trait with. A knight famed for being stubborn in the face of adversity might sport a horned bull, while a noble renowned for their love of hunting may embellish their helm with a pair of antlers. These large helmets feature just a small selection of the fantastical birds and beasts you’ll see when the Bretonnian army marches to war.

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