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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Games Workshop Debuts New Warcry Roster Builder

Warcry is the game of vicious tactical skirmishes between warbands in the Mortal Realms. Bloodthirsty despots and avaricious thieves are piling into the Gnarlwood, willing to risk carnivorous flora and cold-blooded traps to battle over the untold treasures within the Ravening Ruin.

Warcry is a quick and accessible game – simple to learn, and a challenge to master. To make it even easier to build and manage your warbands as they battle for glory, treasure, and the sheer bloody hell of it, there’s a brand new version of the Warcry Roster Builder out right now!

WCRosterBuilder Nov30 RosterButton

This little app once went by the name of Varanscribe, but now that the action has moved away from the shadows of the Eightpoints and into the jungles of Ghur, it had to change. On top of a fresh new title, there are new features to make it even better than before.

You can now see all your artefacts, heroic traits, and injuries, and keep track of your encampment, quests, and achievements. There’s a new printer-friendly export option, too!

Full Details Here

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