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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Alternative Armies is all about Fomorians

Pucci Warriors new in 28mm Scale

Pukki are the smallest of the Fomorian race.  From the seas and from Tory Island the Fomorians raid the lands to carry off riches, slaves and livestock.  In these raids the Pukki are numerous and troublesome.  Alternative Armies begins the climb of new miniatures for the Erin range with Warrior Pukki the first of many releases in 2023 for this unique array of nearly one hundred figures now!

Five miniatures as singles with a header code of CM28.  Armed with daggers and spear they are the most junior members of your Warband.

CM28-01 Pucci Warrior with Dagger raised

CM28-02 Pukki Warrior with twin Daggers

CM28-03 Pukki Warrior running with Dagger

CM28-04 Pukki Warrior perched on Stone

CM28-05 Pukki Warrior with Spear

Fomorians grow with age and become stronger and more deadly as they do.  Pucci turn into Warriors who mature into Storm Warriors and Spell Weavers and a few grow to become Champions and even legendary Heroes such as Lord of the Fomorians Culach.

Above is a handy scale pictures showing you these new miniatures next to others of the Sidhe, the Milesians, a Son of Donn, the Dagdha and other Fomorians too.


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