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ASHCON2 (MAY 23-27)

Last year, in lieu of attending GenCon, PHG hosted the online Ashes tournament event AshCon! We had over 100 tournament attendees, livestreamed events via TheShuffleBus, offered exciting prize support, and overall it was an awesome celebration of Ashes. I would like to continue supporting Ashes with these events alongside each release of new expansions, starting with this most recent release! AshCon2 registration is now open! AshCon2 is a FREE tournament that will take place over the week of May 23-27. Sign up and be placed into a pod of three other competitors, where you’ll have the whole week to schedule one game of Ashes against each other. Games will be played over Ashteki.com. Registration closes Friday, May 20th at 5pm EDT. Pods will be announced shortly after that, giving you the weekend to begin scheduling your matches.

To sign up for AshCon2, you will need to do several things:

  1. Register for a Discord account and join the Ashes Reborn Community server: https://discord.com/invite/RJdUfNQNcF
  2. Be prepared to play Ashes on ashteki.com
  3. Sign up for the event here! https://forms.gle/hDZykssavHzc6cjF6
  4. Plan enough time to schedule in all three games over the course of the event week.

To celebrate the release of Dimona and Hope, your AshCon deck must include at least 1 card from either The Queen of Lightning or The Artist of Dreams! Take your new cards for a spin and see what your opponents cook up with this new set of cards!

(As AshCon is a casual tournament, there will be no formal enforcement of this deckbuilding theme – it is just for fun!)

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