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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Unfathomable Review

One of the first HP Lovecraft stories I read and then immediately reread was The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Spoiler alert: The story ended with that right kind of wrong twist where the main character realized he’s a Deep One offspring that now dreams of swimming down into the ocean black with his froggy-fishy kind. I wanted to reread the story right away to see if I had missed subtle details that foreshadowed the end. And of course, I did. Even though the story is over 100 years old I always recommend that one to new readers because like the main character you discover along with him the macabre town of Innsmouth and its dark secret that is linked to the mythos of the greater old ones.

This brings us to today’s review of Unfathomable from Fantasy Flight Games. This semi-coop is set in 1913 on the steamship SS Atlantica where human players are trying to keep the ship and passengers in one piece to finish their journey to Boston. Yet all the while deep ones attack and a hidden traitor(s) hybrid is trying to sabotage their efforts. Unfathomable is for 3-6 players and plays in 2-4 hours.

Full review here!

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