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Trench Club: Legacy Board Game Up On Kickstarter

TRENCH CLUB: LEGACY can be played either as a single casual skirmish game or as an epic campaign, where each individual game will influence your future games: You will research new technology that will give you access to new unit types, you will have mission targets depending on your overall war fortune, you will modify the game map, and more. Depending on your actions, your individual epic story of global history will unfold.

This is what players consistently said they most enjoyed:

  • Highly complex strategy game, yet very easy and intuitive to learn the rules
  • Detailed miniatures which can be leveled-up with combat experience and damage
  •  Different unit types with individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Individual strengths of the different factions, yet balanced chances
  • Thematic legacy campaign lets you develop new unit types build your alternative history storyline 

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