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The Players Aid First Impressions: The Hunt from Salt & Pepper Games

“I have played several hidden movement games over the years and enjoyed them all. Some of these titles have included wargames such as They Come Unseen from Osprey GamesSniper Elite: The Board Game from Rebellion Unplugged and Bomber Command from GMT Games as well as few board games including Hunt for the Ring from Ares Games. The concept of moving cautiously, attempting to evade pursuers, all while trying to locate and acquire or destroy objectives. These situations can make for some really tense games that cause your head to ache and your wits to be tested. But they rely on some bluffing as well. Trying to force your opponent to anticipate where they think you should be and then trying not to be there. A really great mechanic in board games but not always easy to pull off and make for a very playable and interesting game. Recently, I became aware of a new design from Matthias Cramer and Engin Kunter that took this hidden movement concept and put it into a historically based game about the struggle over control of the South Atlantic between the British Royal Navy and the German Kriegsmarine during the early years of World War II. This game is appropriately called The Hunt and is launching very soon on Gamefound. I was provided a prototype copy of the 2-player game and Alexander and I gave it a few plays last weekend….and simply had a blast! Let me tell you what I think of the game in my First Impression post covering The Hunt from Salt & Pepper Games.”

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