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Thursday, September 21, 2023

The Players Aid First Impressions: Conquest & Consequence: Asian Balance of Power 1936-1945

One of the common elements in wargames is a focus on historicity and simulation of historical events. We want to be given the same assets as the great commanders of the past, under the same conditions they experienced and attempt to equal or even best their outcome. In stark contrast to this regimented look at a historical engagement is the so called “sandbox” style game. Typically a sandbox is described as a system where players are not restrained in their choices and have the option of doing actions or attacks that would be considered alternate history. So there are different degrees of “sandbox” war games. Some allow you to change the initial order of battle. Some have different than historical objectives. Some even allow for planned invasions, such as D-Day or Sicily, to change their beaches. I personally love sandbox games and the ability to take a look at history in a little different light. Conquest & Consequence: Asian Balance of Power 1936-1945 is such a sandbox and delves into alternative history a bit in the Pacific Theater of Operations of World War II, following on and using the same system as its predecessor game Triumph & Tragedy.

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