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The Next ACDC is 14-16 January

Our next ACDC is coming up 14-16 January 2022. Schedule will be posted as soon as we lock down the events.  For now, a preview of what’s on tap:

  • Pre-Kickstarter “learn from the designer” with David Thompson for his upcoming Lanzerath Ridge
  • OCS Bootcamp with Ardwulf
  • World at War ’85 and Lock ‘n Load Tactical with the development team
  • At least 4 different Kriegsspiel sessions, including a mixed-echelon (operational/tactical) Battle of Guadalcanal
  • Dogfights in space with Ad Astra Games
  • White Eagle Defiant and Last One Standing with designers Shaw & Heilman
  • Pre-publication sessions of Song for War (WW2 in the Med) with designers Seth & Chris
  • Robotech Reconstruction with the design team
  • Grognard-of-the-Year Jim O’s usual epic-scale Tabletop Simulator battle royales

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