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Monday, September 25, 2023

The Goonies: Under the Goondocks – A Never Say Die Expansion Review

Let me take you back to a glorious time, one filled with magic and the wide-eyed wonder of youthful ignorance. The date was August 19, 2021 and my review of The Goonies: Never Say Die had just been published right here on Board Game Quest. I liked the game quite a bit, but more importantly the reviews of my review were outstanding. People from all corners of the internet were clamoring for more and I told them, humbly, “You’ll get more when there is more to be gotten.”

Well here we are: six months later and finally, everyone can get more gotten by me. (Or something like that. Editor, please fix that so I still sound brain-strong or whatever that word is.)

The Goonies: Under the Goondocks – A Never Say Die Expansion adds new characters, villains, and adventures to the mix. Is the expansion a necessary addition to the base game? Will this review be as well-received as the one I wrote for the base game? You’re just a few short paragraphs away from finding out the answer to both questions.


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