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Ravensburger invests in Gamefound!

Renowned board game and puzzle publisher announces first multi-million-euros deal of its new “Next Ventures” program

Ravensburg, February 10, 2022 – Ravensburger is investing four million euros (4.5 million US$) in the Polish start-up Gamefound. The international board game crowdfunding start-up is the first to receive funding from Ravensburger’s innovation and investment program “Next Ventures”.

“With Gamefound, we are investing in a strong team of founders with industry expertise; a start-up with extremely high potential in our core segment of board games,” says Thomas Bleyer, Group Director Corporate Development & New Business at Ravensburger AG, who is responsible for the “Ravensburger Next Ventures” program.

Gamefound ( www.gamefound.com ) was founded in 2019 as a spin-off of the successful board game publisher and crowdfunding expert Awaken Realms. Gamefound’s specialized services help board game developers interact with their community and transform ideas into games. Gamefound was soft-launched in 2021 and has already hosted more than 30 campaigns, which raised over USD 22 million in total funding. Ravensburger’s investment will enable the roll-out of the platform to all interested creators worldwide.

Ravensburger will work with Gamefound strategically and operationally to support the platform’s successful positioning in the market. “As a leading international game publisher we can support Gamefound with more than just the financial investment, and that is exactly the aim of our Next Ventures program,” says Thomas Bleyer.

“Next Ventures” empowers innovation
Ravensburger recently launched “Next Ventures,” a new corporate program to fund innovation projects and start-up investments. The group funds up to four projects per year with a total amount in the double-digit millions. The goal of “Next Ventures” is to expand internal innovation management and provide support and funding to start-up teams, to successfully launch new product ideas and services that fit thematically to Ravensburger business sectors. “Next Ventures” is part of Ravensburger’s corporate strategy to grow through innovation and international orientation. Interested start-ups and founding teams can get in touch via nextventures@ravensburger.com. To learn more, visit www.ravensburger-group.com/nextventures.

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