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Players Aid Wargame Watch – What’s New & Upcoming – March 2023

The weather is beginning to turn, at least momentarily, and March has now arrived! It is nearly spring and that means that summer convention season is nearing and I am getting excited about seeing many of you and playing games together. But in the meantime, there are lots of goings on in the wargaming world with plenty of new releases and new projects being launched on Kickstarter and Gamefound. This month, I was able to find a total of 17 games with 3 of those being offered on Kickstarter and 1 on Gamefound. There are just so many choices it is very hard to hone in on the 3-4 that I am really interested in.

If you missed the February Wargame Watch, you can read that here at the following link: https://theplayersaid.com/2023/02/01/wargame-watch-whats-new-upcoming-february-2023/

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