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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Old School Tactical Vol I NOT-A-REPRINT 2nd Edition Live on Kickstarter NOW!

Old School Tactical (OST) Vol I is the game that started the Old School Tactical train rolling. With its huge maps, straightforward play, and realistic feel, the game was an instant hit. So much of a hit that it sold out. Sold out and was reprinted and then the reprint sold out. Now the OST Vol I NOT-A-REPRINT 2nd Edition is live on Kickstarter.

New counters, upgraded Data Cards, New Player Aid Cards, the latest 5.65 rules, and enhanced maps. Better still, the first couple of pledgers can get a $5 copy! Click here to get your game.
In the vein of Old School Tactical Vol 2’s Phantom Division we present Red Blitz. To be sold during the Kickstarter for Old School Tactical Vol I 2nd Edition, this boxed expansion will add more scenarios that occur during the vicious fighting of Operation Bagration in the summer of 1944.

Red Blitz Includes:

  • 8 new 11″ x 17″ game maps (4 unique maps with a summer and winter side)
  • a playbook with 6 new scenarios and a separate, new campaign.
  • a sheet of gorgeous counters, including–but not limited to– the new units cited above.
  • a box to keep everything safe and warm.

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