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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Multi-Man Publishing Release Schedule!

Storm Over Jerusalem is set to release in March. A ‘last call’ will be issued shortly before it begins to ship, but we don’t charge you for a preorder until your copy is ready to ship, so why not place an order now if you haven’t already: https://mmpgamers.com/storm-over-jerusalem-p-355

After SOJ, we’ll release a new Advanced Squad Leader Journal 14, and the GTS Briefings magazine currently on preorder: https://mmpgamers.com/gts-briefings-volume-1-p-373

At the moment, it’s not clear which of those will come out first.

Whereas we put ASL Journal 13 up for sale with a 30-day discount period, we plan to put Journal 14 up for preorder, so that will be your way to get a discount on the MSRP. ASL Journal 14 should go on preorder soon.

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