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Interview with Sebastian Bae Designer of Littoral Commander: The Indo-Pacific from The Dietz Foundation

Interview with Sebastian Bae Designer of Littoral Commander: The Indo-Pacific from The Dietz Foundation
by Grant

About a year ago, I started to see information coming out on an upcoming game designed by a first time designer named Sebastian Bae. He was a bit different though as he was a Marine and was working in a think tank and with a group at Georgetown University that did wargames and used them as an educational assistant to teach tactics and decision making. The game is a Near Future War style of game that deals with warfare in the Indo-Pacific and is called Littoral Commander. I reached out to Sebastian, as he had just recently announced that The Dietz Foundation had picked up his game and put it up on pre-order.

Grant: First off Sebastian please tell us a little about yourself. What are your hobbies? What’s your day job?

Sebastian: My name is Sebastian J. Bae, and I am a research analyst and game designer for a think tank, where most of my work focuses on the future of warfare, emerging technologies, and strategy and doctrine. In essence, I research, design, and develop games, mostly wargames, to explore a wide range of defense and national security issues. Previously, I served six years in the Marine Corps, leaving as a Sergeant in the infantry. With the Marines, I deployed to Ramadi, Iraq with 2/23 Echo Company. As for hobbies, I have several including being an avid hobby gamer, rock climbing, and used to be a surfer when I lived in warmer climates. I also have an adorable dog named Winston who can either be the best or worst work from home officemate – depending on the day.

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