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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Interview with Gregory M. Smith Designer of Atlantic Sentinels: North Atlantic Convoy Escort, 1942-1943 from Compass Games From the Players Aid

Our friend Gregory M. Smith is a solitaire genius and has done many of these solo, narrative driven wargames that we have all enjoyed for hours on end while we have been unable to find an opponent or just because we want to play a game on our timeline. We have interviewed him many times for his games such as Zeppelin RaiderInterceptor AceThe HuntedWestern Front AceAmerika BomberDefending America and most recently American Tank Ace. Greg always has something cooking in his game design kitchen and we recently became aware of his newest project taking a look at Convoy Escort Groups in the North Atlantic during World War II called Atlantic Sentinels: North Atlantic Convoy Escort, 1942-1943 currently up for pre-order on Compass Games. I reached out to Greg and he was more than willing to talk with me about this new game with a much different focus than his previous work.

Full Interview Here!

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