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Interview with Francisco Gradaille Designer of Plantagenet: Cousin’s War for England, 1459-1485 from GMT Games

A few years ago, the Levy & Campaign Series burst on the scene with Nevsky: Teutons and Rus in Collision, 1240-1242 from the gifted and beautiful mind of Volko Ruhnke. A series focused on medieval logistics and the feudal system where the arts of war and careful building of alliances were so important to the fabric of society all boiled down into a very playable game was like catnip to the wargame masses. Since that time, there have been several new designs in the series come about including Almoravid: Reconquista and Riposte in Spain, 1085-1086 from Volko as well as from other designers including Inferno: Guelphs and Ghibellines Vie for Tuscany, 1259-1261 from Enrico Acerbi and now Platagenet: Cousin’s War for England 1459-1485 from Francisco Gradaille, who recently had a guest post on our blog covering his Men of Iron Variant. We reached out to Francisco and he was more than willing to share about his upcoming game that recently Made the Cut! on the P500 as it reached the 500 order threshold since being offered on P500 just a few weeks ago.

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