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Monday, September 25, 2023

GMT Post June Update

As is their usual custom GMT games has posted their usual games update. This month is a little unusual in that they are not charging any new games in JULY. Usually they will list games which will be charged in the coming months. This notification has been postponed until the July Update. From the Update:

I hope this update finds you all well.

After a very busy few months, things are slowing down a bit here at the GMT Warehouse. This past Monday, we began shipping both SpaceCorp: Ventures and 1846, 2nd Printing. Those will be the last P500 games that we will ship until late August, as we don’t have any scheduled arrivals from the printer until then. So we’re going to use this “slower” time to do some reorganization in the warehouse, take summer vacations, decrease our warehouse hours a bit to minimize the effects of the hottest part of our summer, and get as prepared as we can be for what is certain to be a flurry of game shipments (we have 21 products at the printer right now which will make up the late August through early November shipments) starting again in a couple of months.

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