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Friday, September 29, 2023

GMT October 2022 Update

Hi everyone! 

Here at the GMT offices, we have reconfigured our warehouse for normal shipping operations again after hosting a terrific Weekend at the Warehouse (our 41st!) last week. We had about 125 attendees gather here for the better part of four days! The weather was nice, the game play and company was better yet, and the free street tacos for dinner on Saturday were very popular, as usual. We played all sorts of games—from GMT and other companies—and enjoyed the comradery to be found around game boards by people who share a common love for (mostly) historical strategy games.

If you are interested in seeing video of the games and people at the event, Justin Fassino took some nice videos of the convention and posted them on his YouTube Channel.

Thanks to all of you who attended! It is the attendees who really make this event special. I always enjoy both catching up with long-time friends and meeting first-time attendees at the Weekend. I’d also note that our office and warehouse staff does the vast majority of the work preparing for, supporting, and cleaning up after this event. We have a tremendous group of team members at our office and warehouse. The Weekend at the Warehouse event couldn’t happen without their dedication and skill and care for the people who attend. So, to all of our office and warehouse staff, THANK YOU! Lunch is on me tomorrow!

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