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Friday, September 29, 2023

GMT Monthly Update May 2022

Hi everyone! 

I hope you are all well. It was WONDERFUL to see about 100 of you a few weeks ago at our Spring Weekend at the Warehouse! Playing games, sharing meals and stories, and hanging out face to face for the first time in WAY too long was a beautiful thing. The absolute best thing about GMT from my point of view over these 32 years has been the friendships that have formed and grown as we have come together at various events to share our enjoyment of this hobby. Our Weekend at the Warehouse is always a place where we get to renew a bunch of those friendships, while we always also seem to have a dozen or so new friends who are attending for their first time. For those of you who attended, thanks for helping to make the event better and for sharing your love for our hobby with others. For those of you who couldn’t make it this time, I hope you can attend a future Weekend, starting this coming Fall, on October 13-16. I hope to meet more of you there!

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