Hi everyone! 

I hope you are all well and getting to play some fun games in between or during summer vacations.

All Hail, Content Creators! I want to begin this newsletter by putting a spotlight on the content creators who feature our games. As you’ve likely noted from many past updates, we always include a “Thank You” section to our Content Creators featuring their logo and a recent GMT title that they have promoted via their video or written online content. You can find that section later in today’s newsletter, featuring articles/interviews/videos from 25+ different content creators. We REALLY appreciate the many ways in which they both help us promote our games and help our customers learn games, sharpen their strategies, and decide which of our games are the best fit for them. So hats off and “Huzzah!” to ALL of the content creators out there who make our hobby better—especially to those who enjoy and help support our games. Thanks to you all!

I want to focus here at the top on just a couple of content creators who have featured our games recently. The first is the terrific team at Watch it Played. Rodney, Paula, Chaz, and the rest of their talented team have established Watch it Played as one of the truly premier online brands/locales for players to learn to play and enjoy boardgames. Over the past few years, Rodney has created a couple of excellent professional “How to Play” tutorial videos for two of our games: Sekigahara and 1960: The Making of the PresidentIf you are interested in either or both of those games or just want to get a quick refresh on the rules before your next play, check out Rodney’s videos.

Earlier this year, the Watch it Played team combined to create a live stream of a four-player Cuba Libre game on Twitch. That was really cool, and out of it, they have created two more well-crafted videos. They are excellent, and I highly recommend them to anyone who’d like to check out the COIN Series or Cuba Libre specifically.

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