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GMT Games Posts May Update

Every month GMT Games posts a monthly company update. It contains news stories, game previews, list of new games on the P500, teasers for upcoming games, and a production outlook among many other things. This month was chock full of goodies. From the update

“Hi everyone! 

I hope all is well with you and that you are getting some time in your busy lives to de-stress and play a few games. 

I want to start today with some general information about a possible Weekend at the Warehouse event here in October. As most of you know, we have run a ton of these events—usually in April and October each year, since we had the first one here all the way back in 1998. I love these events, most especially getting to meet and hang out with so many new and old friends over these many years. So not having the event for the past year has been no fun at all, and I definitely want to have another one this fall, if at all possible. There is still much that is uncertain about a potential event, and we still have some planning to do before we commit that the event will be a “go,” but I know many of you who would like to attend have to plan your time off far in advance, so I wanted to give you a few details of what we’re thinking as well as some dates to circle. 

So, first off, the dates we’re looking at are October 14-17, 2021. If we have the event this year, it will be that weekend.”

Link to the full Update

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