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Founders of Teotihuacan Review

Brandon steps up to the podium, surveys the crowded auditorium, and quickly clears his throat. “Today I’d like to present to you my vision of the next great Mesoamerican city. As you can see from the scale model on my slide, I’ve added the most luxurious production buildings. We have centers for wood, stone, and gold. There’s space for majestic temples in a variety of colors (three to be exact). And in the center of it all: the three-story pyramid.”

The crowd shifted as murmurs arose. “Where will we buy food?” “Where are the shopping centers?” “Are there no parks for my children?” “Why is the pyramid so small?”

It’s hard to please everybody with your vision of the future. Designer Filip Glowasz and publisher Board & Dice set out to tackle a question as old as time itself. “What if we made a lightweight spiritual successor to one of our modern classics—Teotihuacan?” Well, they’ve done it. But will the tile-laying city builder be enough to please the crowd?

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