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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Charles S. Roberts Awards Press Release- Charter, Rule and Procedure changes

The Board of Governors of the Charles S. Roberts Awards for Excellence in Conflict Simulations is pleased to announce the charter, rule and procedure changes which will take effect beginning in the Awards Year 2022 (calendar year 2023).

The new charter may be found here: https://charlessrobertsawards.com/award-charter/

The new charter, with its attendant procedural changes, represents a very significant shift for the CSR Awards. They were discussed extensively both by the Board and with select other advisers. We believe these changes will begin the process of bringing better governance and transparency to the CSR Awards, and begin cementing their place as a permanent annual event of the wargaming community.

Nevertheless, we realize that we may find that some of these new procedures do not work as intended, and we are therefore resolved to make additional changes as needed in future years. We will welcome any and all feedback from the wargaming community.

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