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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Casual Game Insider Fall Issue Now Available

Kids Chronicles by Lucky Duck Games is a cooperative family game of adventure, mystery, and investigation based on the Chronicles of Crime game system.

Plus: creative media personalities in board gaming, highlights from the UK Games Expo 2021, casual alternatives to popular heavy weight board games, King of Tokyo: Dark Edition overview and strategy tips, how Breaking Games does things differently, and a FREE print-and-play game: Sack Stackers by Chris Kingsnorth. Our readers also discuss their favorite party games.

This issue also features reviews of Trekking the World, Lost Cities: Roll & Write, Shamans, Royal Visit, Mass Transit, Gorilla Marketing, Super Mega Lucky Box, and a special review of Flapjack Flipout by Major Fun.Page Count: 68Issue Number: 37Issue Period: Fall 2021Authors: AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps, Gerald Brook, Dann Albright, Eric Huemmer, Justin Spicer, Naomi Laeuchli, Stephen Conway


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