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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Ares Games Accepting Pre-Orders for The Thing-The Boardgame

The Thing – The Boardgame is an intense game experience for 1-8 players based on the 1982 cult movie, mixing different mechanics to create an experience faithful to the mood of the original film. It’s a “hidden roles” game, in which one player is initially the Thing and the other players are humans. The purpose of the Thing is to infect others, to prevent the survivors from escaping from the base (which can happen in three different ways), or to try to escape with them by behaving as a human. Players must cooperate to survive – but who is really on their side? And if they reveal The Thing – are they ready to fight it? The road to victory is truly hard, but not impossible.

The Thing – The Boardgame is a game created and produced by Pendragon Game Studios. The English Edition is distributed by Ares Games. The pre-order deal includes the core game, the Norwegian Outpost expansion, the HumanAlien and Norwegian miniature sets, a deluxe neoprene game mat and free The Thing: e-Raptor tokens sets 1 and 2 and The Thing: Glow-in-the-dark Dice accessories. The game mat, tokens and dice are special items from the Kickstarter campaign and won’t be available in retail. The bundle is offered with free shipping to Continental USA and Europe.

For more information, visit the “The Thing – The Boardgame” section.

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